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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 13, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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post game wrap up. >> ambassador, did i see a quote that you said you supportedrand paul and are endorsing him for 2016? >> that was a different bolton, but i can talk more about drones if you would like to or any aspect of the use of drones against american citizens? >> i feel like you are all for it? >> against enemy combatants who are americans, absolutely. >> what about against me? >> that depends. can we talk about that? >> you can't put a drone against a drone. >> diane, where can people find you on-line? >> diane r macedo on twitter. >> upcoming gigs? >> i will be headlining at bananas. i know you love the fruit named clubs. >> excellent. >> bananas? >> actual bananas on stage. i am not making that up. >> really? >> it makes me want to go. >> please make me famous
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soon. >> why is banana a funny fruit? >> it has potassium. >> caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> medicare and medicaid. >> bill: that is not a specific program. alan colmes back tonight and we will present some very specific irresponsible government spending to him. how will colmes react? you will find out. >> why are you pro-choice when it comes to -- >> bill: jim confronted this on gun control stance in a very unusual way. >> why can't you answer it? >> bill: we will show you what happened in virginia. also tonight, a bunch of american school kids suspended for playing cops and robbers and charles krauthammer on why the far left wants transgendered americans in the military. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. stupid government spending that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, president obama does not want to cut one government program. not one. and that irresponsible position has brought scorn from me. here are the facts. right now the federal government is spending close to $10 billion a day. this year it will spend $3.6 trillion. the government is expected to take in 2.7 trillion in taxes. so, let's do the math here. leaving a deficit this year alone of $900 billion which will then be added to the nearly $17 trillion debt. democratic party doesn't seem to care.
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and liberal americans are putting all of us in danger by their inflexibility on the spending issue. republican senator tom coal berne indicates the senators could save almost 300 billion bucks a year simply by cutting out waste in duplicate programs. let's get very specific for you doubters out there. very specific. please consider these facts. am i being nice? the national institutes of health recently awarded $1.5 million to a boston hospital. to study why many lesbians are overweight and most gay men are not. the feds calling this a silg can't -- significant public health issue. are you kidding me? why am i paying for that? let the overweight lesbians go to weight watchers if they want to like everybody else. here is another one, nasa will spend close to $1 million. researching a quote, mars menu. recipes for food that could some day be served on the
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planet mars. here is a bulletin. money is already living on mars. that's insane. i don't want to pay for it the feds are stealing my tax dollars. another one, sure the united states agency for national development funding a four year project that will improve the economic competitiveness of morocco. morocco the country in north africa. key part of this project, training moroccans to redesign porter. the cost to the american people $27 million. why can't the moroccan government teach their own people to design porter. i will tell you why. because we will send them 27 million, that's why. very little pottery will be designed. the money will likely be stolen. one more?
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sure. i have dozens. the national science foundation has allocated more than a half million dollars to create a video game called prom week. this game will give players a chance to relive their high school prom. why is a national science foundation doing this? quote: because it will give americans a new and powerful mode of personal expression. here's my personal expression: this is madness. this is why the federal government under president obama is totally out of control. yet the president doesn't want to cut any federal programs. shameful. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the return of the now very famous alan colmes along with him is barack and hard place partner monica crowley. >> i first want to thank you for doing couples counseling with me. i think it's gone very well. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's a good line, colmes. all right now, colmes.
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i asked you seven days ago for specific programs the president would cut. you couldn't give me any because there aren't any. >> i did. we disagree again. kirsten powers did a perfect job line items things that were being cut. >> bill: there weren't specific things according to the "wall street journal" and this is correct. he hasn't proposed any spending cuts. what he has proposed is slowing down the spending not cutting. and even that is minuscule. >> defends how you define a cut. >> bill: everybody knows where you are standing and everybody knows where i'm standing. nasa. go. >> all right. nasa, he is cutting the mars mission from $587 million to 361. >> bill: slowing down the spending. not cutting. >> we can debate whether or not that's a cut or not. >> bill: you can't. >> federal spending has risen -- let me just say. this federal spending has risen under every president going back to eisenhower. >> bill: but nowhere near on the level of president obama. >> slowest rate of spending since eisenhower.
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>> bill: president obama is the biggest spending president and has spent more money than any other president combined washington up to bush the younger second year. >> that's not a fair metric. rate of spending increase. lowerrer than any president since eisenhower. >> that's crazy. >> bill: you support the mars menu. >> i support nasa. >> bill: you support the mars menu. >> i brought you a few dishes. >> bill: yes or no? >> yes. >> bill: colmes wants the mars member venue. >> bill: this is preparing for mission to mars. >> space missions have created all kinds of jobs and all kinds of -- >> bill: you are for the millions being spent on the mars menu. >> mars mission that includes feeding our astronauts. absolutely. >> bill: no, reply to this. reply to him. >> i can't. >> bill: yes, you can. >> it's so crazy. >> it's called space mission. >> bill: he wants to spend millions and millions of dollars on the mars menu when we are 17 trillion in debt. >> on the mars mission.
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>> this is precisely why we are coming up against $17 trillion in debt. all the craziness that you just talked about. bill. and we can add gang tattoo removal in l.a. which we are paying for. a musical about climate change which we are paying for. robotic squirrels. >> bill: i love the robotic squirrels. >> this shows you how far afield we have gotten limited government with limited responsibility. >> bill: i don't want to do an ideological thing. i want to do -- i'm worried about colmes. [ laughter ] i'm worried about him. he sincerely believes that despite the $17 trillion debt, despite the fact that we're heading to bankruptcy that we do need a mars menu to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> it's not hundreds of millions of mars mission. >> bill: you can do the mars mission without the menu. >> you have to feed the astronauts. >> we will get them pizzas to go. >> all of this spending is
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insane. limit the government spending. >> bill: not insane to alan colmes and barack obama. >> this is part of the problem. >> bill: tell me why it's not insane to alan colmes and barack obama. >> because their whole mission is to grow government. >> no. >> in whatever parts they possibly can. >> that's not true. >> this is all about expanding government wherever he. >> he has cut, cut, cut. >> this is about growing government and expanding spending in order to feed that evergrowing government. it doesn't matter where the growth is coming from. >> bill: your hypothesis is that colmes and obama, they just want to expand government. they don't really care if they run up a $17 trillion debt. is that what you are saying? >> comes from fundamentally ideological point of view which they believe the government can do what you cannot do or can do better what you should be doing for yourself see 17 trillion on paper that we can't possibly pay back. we see it everybody sees it. yet, they still want to fund the mars menu and robotic squirrels and lesbian overweight studies. see, i'm trying to
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understand, colmes. i'm trying to understand. >> let me help. i'm not defending robotic squirrels and lesbian overweight people. >> you will throw them under the bus the lesbians and the squirrels? not suggesting come. >> there is the shrimp. >> shrimp on a treadmill. >> that is for dinner later. that's part of the mars menu i think actually. the fact of the matter is this is part of a nasa mission which is helpful to america. >> bill: you would not cut this back. >> he has already cut nasa. that's a federal program that he has cut. >> bigger point here when the government, our tax dollars are directed to this kind of insanity, it prevents the government from doing what it actually supposed to do. there is no reason why we should have such deep and irresponsible cuts in the military. government is supposed to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. well now we have got to restrain ourselves on that and pull back on that. >> for the kids.
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>> and by the way. >> i'm blaming that on the lesbians. >> biggest budget busters are medicaid, medicare and social security. >> bill: i didn't call colmes any names. >> you were so good tonight. >> counseling is working. >> bill: monica is like the voice of reason. >> i try to be. >> bill: in a moment, very bad news for democratic congressman jim moran. is he confronted about gun control. wait until you see this. breaking internet scandal, personal information being put online about famous americans including the first lady and the vice president. is it legal investigating and we are coming right and we are coming right
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kids will spend 8 minutes decorating their little brother. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later. two minutes, twice a day. they have the time. >> bill: impact segment tonight. jim moran a liberal guy attend it add town meeting in arlington, virginia on monday night. at that meeting he was confronted by a woman who does not like more ran's progun control stance. >> why are you pro-choice when it comes -- for women.
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[cheers] >> bill: joining us now from washington fox news analyst kirsten powers. this is interesting turk the pro-choice phrase around to promote gun protection for women. what do you think? >> you know, i don't really get it in terms of why that would be pro-choice thing. i think that we look at the issue of gun control and say what is the best thing for society and that, in my opinion, i'm probably in the same place as the congressman. though i think he should have answered her question. i don't know why he didn't answer it. but that we have to have some laws that restrict
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guns a little bit. i don't think it means we don't want to protect women or to have women protect themselves. i just don't think you need an assault weapon to protect yourself. >> bill: more ran is a little bit more than the assault weapons. it walls a valid question and it was posed in a provocative way aagree with you. there is no comparison toward choosing what to do in a pregnancy and choosing what to do you know, in protecting yourself. that's apples to oranges. >> yeah. >> bill: yeah. however, women will be put at a deficit in some places example, chicago would ban all handguns. if you are a woman in chicago and you want protection, particularly if you live in a bad neighborhood and you can't have a handgun, your deficit is much higher than a man would be. and so i think that's what the woman was getting at. you know, that's her opinion. but i'm a woman and i don't have a gun i feel safe.
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>> bill: you live in a swanky neighborhood. if you live in the south side of chicago you couldn't feel safe. >> that's not true and i have lived in very dangerous neighborhoods before and i never had a gun in those neighborhoods. even though my father wanted me to have one,. >> bill: that was your choice. another woman may choose to want to have protection. >> she is going to have to choose in a way that comports with the law. and, you know, i don't think -- i think that within cities if they make the determination i was in new york city a long time. >> bill: just than men by the physicality of the situation. >> what would be my motive in that situation, bill? like why would i want. >> bill: protect yourself from somebody who might do you harm. >> why would i not care about women protecting themselves? that doesn't make any sense. >> you don't seem to be equating the fact that it is easier for a woman to protect herself with a gun. >> yeah, well because i don't think you necessarily have to have a gun to protect yourself. >> bill: i didn't see you have -- i didn't say you have to have it. >> more likely to kill a
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stand buyer. >> bill: didn't have to have it a choice to protect yourself if you choose. >> i reject this whole choice thing. i reject it when used for abortion. it's a silly argument. >> bill: i told you the abortion thing was not valid. you are dead wrong on not allowing women to have a choice to protect themselves. i think you are dead wrong pardon the pun on that. >> they have a choice. >> bill: i have got to go to ashley judd. do you know who she is? do you like her. >> i know who she is. i do like her. >> bill: she wants to run for senate in kentucky. and they are trotting out some quotes that she said that she would never have children because it was selfish. i figured it was selfish for us to pour our resources into making our own babies when those resources and energies could not only help people here advocacy and service transform the world never needs to be born into poverty and abuse again. i think that's going to sink her in kentucky. it's basically saying listen, if you are not a well off person or affluent person you shouldn't have a
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child because you are going to be born into poverty. >> that is not remotely what she said. i don't know if the whole quote is there. but. >> bill: i read you the whole quote. >> when i read it, she made a specific reference to orphans. she was clearly talking about the fact. >> bill: she said i do not. >> enough children in this world. >> bill: i'm not going to have a baby because there are a lot of orphans. interestingly enough, she hasn't adopted any. >> who is to say she is not? she is not that old. she can still adopt. i know people who adopt babies in their 50s and 60's. >> bill: let me get this straight. traditional poor statement like kentucky where family is very big. you don't think that is going to hurt her. >> that's a separate question. very republican state. she would have a hard time anyway. i want to clear what she is saying. she thinks in a world where there is some children that need homes she feels like why not adopt having a baby. that's a perfectly valid. >> she can adopt any time she wants. >> doesn't stack up.
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that's going to hurt her. >> going to hurt her. i think it's going to sink her. this quote alone on the babies. >> if it's misinterpreted it might. if it's taken in the spirit it was meant it would. >> bill: directly ahead. get ready to pay more for burgers and hot dogs as some fast food chains say they will raise prices because of obama care. judge telling new york city mayor bloomberg he cannot ban big sodas. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: fact for follow up segment total, a man who owns 5 too guys burger joints says he will raise prices on his food to pay for the obama care mandate. also heard from the ceo of
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subway sandwiches and pizza people saying the same thing. what exactly is going on now. fox business genius stewart varney. all right. so now it seems that obama care is going to make it more painful for all americans to buy things or am i overstating that? >> no, i don't think you are. the consequences of obama care are negative for businesses and individuals. >> bill: not negative for the millions of people getting the insurance paid. >> that will be true. >> bill: okay. >> if you are pushed on to the public rolls, medicaid, that's not a negative. you are now getting free healthcare. >> bill: some people are benefiting. let's be honest about obama care. some poor people will benefit from it however, the majority of working people who eat at five guys and the other restaurants and this is like red lobster said this. they all say hey, when we have to pay more we're going to pass it on. we are going to raise our prices for food.
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>> a business like this five guys operation, they have got a choice. they have got to cover their employees if they have got 50 of them and they work more than 30 hours a week. that's going to be expensive. this guy at five guys decided he would raise prices, pass along the extra cost. he could have done other actions. he could have reduced the hours of his employees so they don't have to get covered. >> hard to get employees into those restaurants anyway if you have good ones you don't want to cut them back. >> recruit people that work in these. >> some of them that's going to come back and hurt them. if you have a good employee. you want them to work overtime. so, i assume that everybody is going to be paying more for pizza, for burgers for hot dogs, for red lobster whatever that may be. >> business side of it. now along at the point of view and individual. they they may be pushed out of the care they are currently getting. they may be pushed into medicaid. they may be pushed into subsidized exchanges into health insurance which expensive for the government or they may have
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to pay a fine if they refuse to get coverage themselves. >> bill: all right. >> everybody loses here, bill. businesses, individuals, they all lose. of the only winners as you point out are people that get pushed into medicaid. >> bill: who are subsidized who don't have to pay anything because they are below a certain threshold of earnings. do you believe that the democratic party which championed obama care, along with the president, of course, understands the unintended consequences of the price rising for working. because everybody will be paying more for what they want to eat? do they get it? >> entirely intended. i think the obama administration they want to push people into medicaid. they want to push people into government care. single pair, government care i think is their ultimate objective. >> bill: everybody gets their bills paid by the government? >> yes. so the healthself is totally politicized. you vote for the politician who gives you the most. that's what they have in britain and it doesn't work. i think that's what they want to have here. that's the obama administration.
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>> bill: now, i'm assuming there will be a backlash by people who don't want to pay more for burgers and pizza against the obama care and democratic party. am i going to be wrong on that? >> i think you are right. >> bill: so you see that once awful these things kick in, and once everybody sees the unintended consequences, prices rise, people lose their jobs. people -- hours get cut back, then the folks are going to say you know this isn't a good idea. >> the backlash i think will be political. there will be a lack of political support for the obama administration going into 2016. a lack of support for democrats because you did this. you did this to us. you have wrecked our healthcare system. i think it's that bad. >> bill: now, when do you think the prices are going to start to rise? >> well, before january the 1st of 2014. because that's when obama care is fully implemented. that's when it hits you in the face. the price rises will start before then. >> bill: stockpile money. >> also but to lower the hours. that's going to start before then. and people are going to be pushed out of the healthcare that they have currently got. that starts before january
1:29 am
the 1st. >> bill: all right. you are a gloom and doomer, varney. >> no, i'm not. >> bill: you don't like this law at all. >> i have a great respect for america. i think it's a very positive place and it will come out of this on the right side. >> bill: you think this is going to be a total failure obama care. >> i think it will be a total failure. it will be at least partially repealed and replaced. it is so bad. >> bill: all right. plenty more ahead as the factor tore moves along this evening. breaking story, hackers are putting personal information about the first lady, vice president, other famous americans on the net and that's illegal. is it legal is investigating. charles krauthammer on why some far left people like sandra fluke want the military to recruit transgendered americans. we hope you stay tuned to
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight. declared mayor bloomberg's plan to ban big sodas in new york city invalid. the judge has ruled that the mayor exceeded his authority because he didn't put the issue before the city council, kind of a technicality. here now fox news business anchor john stossel. i understand you went out in the rain today to interview people. >> anything for you. >> bill: in new york city about the big sodas. roll the tape. >> my thought is that's a personal choice. >> should the government tell you? absolutely not. >> i think that's a good idea. because obesity account about 40% of americans. and somebody has to do
1:34 am
something. >> what about cheeseburgers? >> cheeseburger, i think we should down size some of those. >> what about steak and eggs? ban them, too. >> not banning them. just down sizing them. >> i just disagree. i think that you can't legislate behavior. and that this is a free country. i'm thankful i don't live in new york city. >> i think this is a good idea. because i think it lowers the obesity rate. >> mixture of opinions. correct? >> how is it a free country if they can rule on what you can eat? >> bill: true. i think that the city should just go on a health kick and rather than imposing, i agree with you, that you can't be telling people not to drink big sodas. >> i'm annoyed that mayor bloomberg doesn't get this distinction. it's one thing to tell people and people written formed now. he says things we are not banning anything. we are just giving you more choices. they are banning bottles this size. government forced. >> bill: basically saying because soda doesn't have any nutritional val that
1:35 am
they don't want you drinking more than 16 ounces of it it's rife with loopholes, right? so if you are a supermarket you can go in there and buy the big sodas, right? >> you can buy one of these at a supermarket. >> right. better for you. >> 7/11 is that a supermarket. >> big gulp because it's regulated by the state. bloomberg couldn't -- >> -- big gulp out of it. >> it's just a symbolic gesture that the mayor is doing. like no smoking in restaurants and all of that. here is what i don't understand why don't they go on a campaign like smoking is bad, smoking will kill you. drinking 16-ounce sodas is bad and that will hurt you. why don't they do an advertising campaign? >> they should or they should do nothing. government is forced. when they ban things that's force. it's the conceit of the self-anointed. >> bill: do you object to schools putting healthy food in and taking the junk food out? >> i support that. >> that's where i wish we had more charter school and
1:36 am
private school choice then it wouldn't be. >> who is to decide what's healthy? orange juice has more sugar in orange juice than coke. >> bill: it doesn't matter orange juice has some vitamins. >> soda we know doesn't do anything for you except your toes fall off if you drink it a lot. but fruit juice -- i think the schools should have healthy calf -- cafeteria food. >> we agree on that. >> bill: the private sector if you want to buy a big gulp you should be able to buy a big gulp and 18 big macs. >> he says don't ban cheese its i'm addicted to cheeses it. >> bill: is he in good shape. you have seen bloomberg? >> he has been a good mayor except for this conceit. >> bill: he has a traffic problem i have got to talk to him about. john stossel, everybody. are you a soda guy? >> i dink five diet sodas a
1:37 am
day. >> bill: that's worse than the regular stuff. >> no, it's not. >> bill: yeah, that is. it is worse. >> says you and you say glue ten is bad. >> bill: glue ten is bad. >> how can a guy as big as you have such a tiny brain. >> bill: what do you want to eat? what he is eating or what i'm eating? there you go, everybody. look at the hair on him. when we come right back, a very hot is it legal segment tonight. a bunch of american kids suspended from school for playing gun games. breaking story on the net, personal information about the first lady vice president other famous folks being tossed around by hackers. legal is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. is is it legal segment tonight, 9 students have suspended from school for playing cops and rob ires and other fictional games newtown shooting as some
1:40 am
educators are obviously reacting. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. tell me what you think of them. >> first one comes out of baltimore, maryland. 7-year-old second grader josh welch park elementary school. school claims that he held up a pastry. >> a pop tart. >> pop tart. >> and said bang and that was threatening. and you say, wiehl. >> absolutely crazy. not even a replica of a gun. it was a pop tart that his mother packed in his lunch pail. >> pop tart. josh said bang. >> he bit it in a couple pieces that might have resembled. >> wanted to make it look like a mountain. >> pop tart. >> suspended for two days that's insane. >> absolutely insane naomi mckinney. in sumter south carolina there is naomi she took air soft gun from her brother and brought it into school and newspaper-naomi is 6.
1:41 am
she was expelled, guilfoyle and you say? >> i think that was going too far. this is something she showed the teacher right away. she brought it for show and tell. air gun clubs. this is a big thing that people do it's replica, totally safe. >> bill: why would they expel this little girl it? >> looks like a gun. that's their only reasoning. because of the push back they were able to get it reversed. >> bill: she missed 30 days of school and the cops actually came. sumter police department. >> they got the law enforcement involved and that goes on her record and hire an attorney to clear your child's record won't get anywhere. this is sick. >> bill: how crazy the federal government is. this is the state government. all right. here is another one. 6-year-old first grader, all right, suspended from white march elementary school in mechanicsville, maryland. second one in maryland. >> the kids name isn't on there.
1:42 am
>> but he is -- he is a son of an army sergeant. >> um-huh. >> he was playing cops and robbers during recess with another boy. used his fingers to pretend to shoot the other boy. and was suspended from school. >> suspended from school only for a day and came back and struck that from his record. a problem with a lot of these it's on this kid's record. even if it's expulsion for a day or two. it's on his record at 5 or 6 years old. >> bill: raised a pop tart and tried to shoot someone. you should have seen my record. >> here is another one. 5-year-old girl, kindergarten suspended from mt. carmel area elementary school. the girl was suspended for 10 days for a -- making a terror threat. >> terror threat. >> bill: the 5-year-old did. the threat was that she said she was going to shoot them with a hello kitty bubble gum. >> there it is.
1:43 am
al qaeda they vice presidential that al qaeda. can you mapping? >> no. >> one day suspension. the point is you have a girl like this terrorist threat. >> terrorist threat. >> bill: terrorist threat? >> behavior. that's the problem they are looking all the wrong directions. >> bill: i can't go on any more with this. don't you both agree this is totally out of control here. >> yes. >> that the people running the public school system in america, all right, are insane. politically correct, not all of them. >> not all of -- obviously not all of them. when you have this many. this many and we could have given you a lot more. it's like the government spending. there is a trend here. >> now in baltimore there is a bill in the works to actually change this to say to the principal. >> >> bill: you can't have a pop tart and kitty jell-o thing. >> don't expel for holding up a hello kitty or pop tart. >> bill: i need a succinct pithy thick here.
1:44 am
>> good luck with that. >> bill: with you i know. vice president biden donald trump. >> beyonce, brittany spears. >> bill: what happened? >> there is big potential celebrity hacking that has occurred. it's more like doxxing. what happens with that is i go on a web site and want to try to get some information but and get information about where you were born and maybe what your favorite ice cream is. pet growing up and reset your password by trying to enter some of that publicly accessible information. technically speaking it's not a hack. they get the new password sent to them and get on to your g mail to any of your accounts and then view what you have on there. pictures, your contacts, your address, all of that. >> bill: this is illegal, wiehl, correct? >> christopher cheney was in 2011 was convicted and spending 10 years in jail for doing exactly what kimberly described. computer fraud and hacking and especially when you are talking about government people. michelle obama and joe
1:45 am
biden and people like that in the l.a. police department detective. getting into hacking into computers that are government-owned. >> chief beck. >> bill: with the technology that the fbi has they should be able to track these people down. >> they should. of course, they are not telling everybody now. >> bill: we got hacked at bill o' a few years ago. the guy who did it. student in toledo, ohio, got i think four or five years in a federal penitentiary. >> this is very serious. >> tracked him down. is he in prison. >> each hacking count carries upwards of five years in prison. >> they should enforce this because in danger. >> credit cards, all that information out there. >> getting smarter about it doing off site stuff in canada. >> the feds are really savvy here. i think they will be able to get them. all right, ladies, charles krauthammer on deck. why are some far left americans promoting transgender people to the military? also does charles think president obama will cut any spending at all?
1:46 am
krauthammer moments away.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. two situations for our pal charles krauthammer joins us from washington. first up as i said in my talking points memo. we have got federal spending that is simply stupid and wasteful. do you expect president obama to respond to that? >> well, we're going to see when the senate presents a budget tomorrow, this is now going to be the first one from the democrats in four years. that will obviously had been done with the cooperation of the white house. we will see whether there is any real spending. i suspect the answer will be no. they will do some, you know, some show spend waste
1:50 am
and abuse here without specifying. but i think in terms of how much the deficit is and how much is being spent, $3.6 trillion, it will be a trivial amount. the real question is will they cut entitlements and will they do tax reform? the president says he has offered stuff in the table in the back room with the speaker of the house. but has he ever proposed it? has he ever gone public. >> bill: i didn't see any of that. >> has he said i will change the way we measure inflation? has he said i'm willing to raise the retirement age? that's what a president is supposed to do. the president is supposed to lead on this. the reason we haven't gotten anywhere on this is because he hasn't led because he is not interested in cutting spending. glmg i asked that question earlier to crowley and colmes. is the president a socialist? is he just a person who wants to set up a system
1:51 am
where the democratic party is invincible because they doll out the money that the medicaleed and the care and all of that? what is the motivating force? barack obama is an intelligent man. he knows the debt is approaching 17 trillion. he knows we are spending a million and a half to study overweight lesbians or he should know. okay? but he doesn't seem to care. what's the motivator behind it? >> because i do think what he really wants to accomplish and he he doesn't hide this, it was the content of his second inaugural address. it was the content of the first address he made to congress after being sworn n 2009. he was completely open about this. i'm here to change america. and he went specific three ways. healthcare, energy, education. he he is essentially nationalizing health care. and entirely a huge new entitlement that once imposed on the people will not be removed. he wants to essentially nationalize child care for
1:52 am
a-year-olds. that's a new entitlement. he he clearly in the way he subsidizing college education and cutting college loan burdens. he he clearly wants to nationalize college education and to make it an entitlement the way it is in europe. this is the vision he has of himself. to make america more like the european system which he sees as a just system. >> bill: you know what's interesting about that. >> this is who he is. that's the issue. >> bill: here is what is interesting about it. i went to the university of london my third year. and in england, you have to take a test when you are 16 years old as you said because the educational system is nationalized. if you score above, you go to college and it's paid for by the government. if you score below you don't get higher education. so, in this system that's what they have in great britain because it's so expensive to go privately that the working class can't. here we have community colleges. we have a lot of scholarship money and grant
1:53 am
and aid money. it seems to be working fairly well here. you are saying that he wants to turn this thing upside down which i think would work against the lower classes. >> bill, when you argue with me you are pushing on an open door. i'm not a social democrat the way obama is. >> bill: i'm thinking of -- >> -- from his point of view. is he not trying to destroy america social democracy. that's why he doesn't want he expects low weekend with interest rates. or he thinks that his successors who could be g.o.p. will clean up after him the way, you know louie the 15th said after me the deluge. >> well, come on. i mean, you knee, how many looys were there.
1:54 am
i have got to 18. >> now sandra fluke. socialize whether you dine with her. why does she want transgendered people in the military? are you -- gays in there now. fine, no problem. why does she want the transagain -- transgenders? >> what am i a psychologist? >> bill: yes, you are. >> first i have got to analyze obama and then analyze her. the world is on fire. iran going nuclear. insurgencies in north africa and she has decided that the burning human rights issues of our time is transsexuals in the military. i will tell you that one i can't solve i would give it over to alan colmes. >> bill: i'm not opposed to it i would just like to know what squad that is going to be and what their job is going to be very specifically. >> i will let you speculate. i'm not going there.
1:55 am
>> bill: i at think there was a episode of hogans heros. >> you are thinking about clinger. that's the wrong. >> bill: you were right the first time. >> i'm not going there. >> bill: charles krauthammer, everyone. here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked you have conservatives actually helped barack obama by criticizing him over crazy stuff like muslim birth certificate? more than 20,000 of you voted on that. 45% say yes. 55% though say no. interesting poll. factor tip of the day. how to sleep better. the tip 60 seconds away.
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on bill o' and if you get a book, a mug free of charge. stock up on gifts. remember the proceeds i get from that are donated to charity. and new york, bill, you are losing it in more ways than one. as a retired law enforcement officer i find your belligerent behavior more than i care to watch. jeff glover, rough and ready, california. i'm a retired cop who believes you're a truth seeker. and diane, mississippi. bill, try to be a little cool because i don't like it it when liberals use your anger against you. if it wasn't that it'd be something else, diane. it's not the just the liberals, other people as well. bill, your anger over the national debt is justified and as a soon to be college graduate, the time bomb of
1:58 am
debt could ruin my generation. >> your you're spinning, your anger at colmes was off the graph not righteous. and anger is absolutely necessary to get the truth. scott, washington d.c., as a gay college student i am disgusted that the denver post would call you a bigot. o'reilly, we need a media that foe he cusses on facts, not smears. richard spike, england. bill, while it may not have been your intention, some people affiliate homosexuality with pedophilia. >> and homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia. and this guy is proud of his
1:59 am
circumstance so we report it. and the smear of you provide no facts and demonstrate that this state has an effective alternative to jessica's law. the "the factor" tip of the day. many of us have a hard time sleeping and many americans have severe sleeping disorder most caused by stress. here is the tip. i was going to say watch our competition, but that would be wrong, if you want to go to sleep. here is the tip, take a hot bath, very hot, before you hit the sack. the japanese have mastered this art. it relaxes the entire body and even if it doesn't make you sleep better, the at least you'll be clean. "the factor" tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. and please check out the fox news factor website dif